Oatmeal, Cherries, and Sunflower Seeds, Oh My!

Doing a quick 5 minute morning sketch of breakfast felt so good after not sketching (or blogging!) for almost two weeks. 

Life has been a bit hectic these past few weeks, and this morning, one of my first thoughts was “I really miss sketching….” .Realizing I hadn’t sketched for almost two weeks made me come to this brilliant revelation…..

I should just DO IT!

The moment the idea to sketch crosses my mind, if I pick up my materials and just get to it, I am always happy I did.  Although you can constantly improve at any skill you are trying to master, for me, sketching as close to daily as I can muster is not only  sharpening my skills, it is also tapping into that wonderfully vibrant creative well.

So, being creative is not only a frivolous hobby, I would argue. To be creative, in whatever it is that is uniquely yours and yours alone, is HUMAN.  Sound a little too grandiose?  Take a look back at our species.  Art?  Creative expression?  It is one of the earliest things we produced as a species, and it continues today.

Hungry for more?  Danny Gregory wrote a great blog post on the importance of creating “art” called Why Art Matters. Awesome read, and if you don’t follow Danny’s blog, do it now. Inspiring stuff.

Stay tuned to hear about my new big project.  I am very excited! I will give you a hint…it involves goats.

Happy Thursday.  Make it a great (and creative) one!










9 thoughts on “Oatmeal, Cherries, and Sunflower Seeds, Oh My!

  1. Aww – you´re back!! 🙂 Totally missed you! And you´re spot on: art is sooo important!!!!! Lovely sketch, I like that spoon 🙂 When I don´t have enough time to do anything creative, I quickly feel depressed like I´m missing something essential. Have a wonderful day! xxx

    1. Yeeaahhhh! I am back! 😀

      I missed you too! Art is so very important to me, and I find I really feel a bit mixed up if I don’t do at least something creative regularly. So very glad to know you connected with this sentiment Sarah.

      Working with metal tones in sketches (like the spoon) is something I want to practice with me…it is more about the tones and space you leave white to highlight the shine. Tricky for me, as my instinct is to put color, color, color every where! So interesting in how an created with what small details you include while letting others go altogether or fade to the background.

      How are you doing this fine day?

      1. Haha! I love your instinct to put color everywhere! 😉 I´ve never tried to sketch metall before, but your example makes me wanna try it!! Leaving white spaces to highlight is indeed tricky, that´s why I´m more comfortable with acrylic, there you can always correct what you´ve done simply by adding more paint 😉 But like you I always try to improve my techniques! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day, and please give your beautiful goats a hug and kiss each from me 😀 xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh yes. You perfectly translated my thoughts. I haven’t written anything new in the past week and I’m fidgety.
    Lovely to see you back! It’s almost Friday here, but have a great day ahead!

    1. Glad to hear from you! Yes, I find that having a near daily practice really keep creativity going, and connecting with you all here as well! It is Friday here now, and I think it will be a lovely day with the sun shining.

      Have a delightful day, Pari!

    1. Goats indeed! We have Nubian goats and have been getting milk from them since April, when the baby goats came. What to do with a surplus of goat milk after the babies are weaned? We have to start learning fast.

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