Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush

Do you ever notice that the act of both giving AND recieveing nourishes your soul? It is as if you can feel it puff up with joy. The describes the feeling that went with the discovery of a blackberry bush on our front porch last weekend. A sweet note was also left, weighted down withContinue reading “Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush”

Inktober 6/31 – Chicken Glam Shot

Chickens intimidate the heck out of me to sketch! So many textures, lines, and quirky dinosaur-like features… and they move quick. Sitting in the sunshine on an upside down feed bucket, I sketched the girls.  They circled around a bit, gazing at me curiously and sideways, like chickens do. They are a good subject, andContinue reading “Inktober 6/31 – Chicken Glam Shot”

Inktober 5/31 Chicken or the Egg?

  Which came first….the chicken or the egg? In this case, it was the egg.  I sat in the warm autumn sunshine with our chickens to do this sketch. Sitting on the plastic feed bucket (lid on, of course!), I set myself up for a lovely sketch session. This interested the chickens for a fewContinue reading “Inktober 5/31 Chicken or the Egg?”

Inktober 4/31 Three Eggs

Another indication of the fall season upon us….fewer eggs! Chickens are sensitive to the waning daylight hours, and as the days get shorter, the daily eggs gathered from our coop declines.  Oh how I love fresh eggs! This sketch was done sitting on our front steps, and it made me think of three things:  IContinue reading “Inktober 4/31 Three Eggs”

#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder

These autumn days are crisp and full of signs of the new season. Yesterday I squeezed in sketchtime while watching our goats graze. We open their gate, and our beloved four-leggers as Adam, call them, come frolicking out playfully, excited to find good stuff to munch on. This spread is a collage of what I saw in myContinue reading “#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder”

Hello, friends. I stepped away from sketching after my 100 Days of Dozens Project ended in late August to recharge. Thank you so much for everyone who followed along! I will be posting an update on the full completed project soon. A new teaching job, the hustle and bustle of summer, as well as a buddingContinue reading

Willie Revisited: Lessons from a Legend and Tribute to My Dad

  Tonight, Willie Nelson is taking on the smoke (of the wildfire kind, not the other kind 🙂 ) and playing a show in my hometown of Spokane, Washington.  It is memorable not only because it is my first concert with my mom, but also because it is one of my dad’s favorite musical icons.Continue reading “Willie Revisited: Lessons from a Legend and Tribute to My Dad”

When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?

A little while ago, I received another magical piece of snail mail (ie. mail that comes in an actual mailbox!) that made me light up like the Northern Lights sky. A dear friend from India, who I connected with here on WordPress, created a wonderful postcard just for me that is now hanging on whatContinue reading “When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?”

The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah

What’s your favorite part of blogging? When I first started this blog, I would have said that it was to be heard and share tid-bits of inspiration.   To get my message out there in a great big world. Easy- peasy, right? And now? I would tell you without hesitation that the reason I blog is toContinue reading “The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah”