Top Ten Differences between Sheep and Goats

As many of you know, I am a ridiculously proud goat mom, not a sheep mom.  So what is our sweet Sally goat doing in this sketch? Well, this past week I have had the incredible opportunity to travel to Sun Valley, Idaho to experience the Trailing of the Sheep Festival with my dear Oaxacan friendsContinue reading “Top Ten Differences between Sheep and Goats”

In Memory of a Deaf Cat Called Detour

I never thought I would be a “cat person”. At the mere mention of the furry little felines, my mind instantly went to visions of the crazy cat lady, living in solitude with one (or 50!) too many cats jammed into one small living space.  No, thank you. Then, Detour the Wonder Cat came intoContinue reading “In Memory of a Deaf Cat Called Detour”

Of storytelling and sketching….

Are you a storyteller?  I bet each of us would respond modestly, but we all have a lifetime of stories and memories made inside each one of us. In my last post, I introduced my great-grandma Ma Doll Johnson, who came out to the Wallowa Valley in Eastern Oregon with her family to homestead and createContinue reading “Of storytelling and sketching….”

Oatmeal, Cherries, and Sunflower Seeds, Oh My!

Life has been a bit hectic these past few weeks, and this morning, one of my first thoughts was “I really miss sketching….” .Realizing I hadn’t sketched for almost two weeks made me come to this brilliant revelation….. I should just DO IT! The moment the idea to sketch crosses my mind, if I pick upContinue reading “Oatmeal, Cherries, and Sunflower Seeds, Oh My!”

The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings

Isn’t it fun when you plan and dream about something for so long, and it finally comes to fruition? Goats have been that dream for us at the farm.  And to think it all started with bringing two goats home in the back of an Honda Element (read the post here.). Here’s the page fromContinue reading “The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings”

Week 13: Merle Haggard

A sketch in my Moleskine daily planner of someone who inspires me, once a week, every week, in 2016. ******************************************* Who:    Merle Haggard When:  Born April 6, 1937 , died April 6th, 2016 Where: Born in California, and spent his entire career touring the  country Why:    Merle embodied what most people think ofContinue reading “Week 13: Merle Haggard”