Hello, friends.

I stepped away from sketching after my 100 Days of Dozens Project ended in late August to recharge. Thank you so much for everyone who followed along! I will be posting an update on the full completed project soon.

A new teaching job, the hustle and bustle of summer, as well as a budding soapmaking business left me admittedly a bit burnt out. Now that I am settling into a new rhythm, I am reminded that sketching really IS my daily recharge.  It feels good on my brain.  I would like to share more of that in the weeks to come.

This month, I will be participating in Inktober, which is a month-long world movement that an aims to create in ink daily each day in October. Challenges are good for me, and I put sketching aside long enough to remember that it is good for my soul.

For the month, I will be doing ink-only sketches of everyday scenes right out my door. As a creative, often times I am hard on myself, and strive to get things “just right”.  No more! Process, not perfection I say.

In an act of bravery, I started the day off with the one sketch that pushes me out of my comfort zone….. the self portrait!

Here’s to the creative spirit, and the fall season. Make it a great one.








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  1. Hi Melissa! Good to see you back! 🙂 And congrats to your new teaching job, that sounds great!
    I can´t wait to see all your lovely sketches from your Dozens-project and look forward to what you´ll create in Inktober! Sounds like a wonderful challenge!
    And I know exactly what you mean with not having the time to sketch, and then feeling that you really need it to recharge your batteries – it happens to me all the time too. My last sketch was a week ago, which is way too much!
    And Yay! for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! That self-portrait is just awesome and was totally worth the risk! 😀 Did you use a photograph or a mirror to do it? I still need to climb this particular mountain 😉 LOL! Hope I will find the strength and follow your example soon! Have a lovely and creative week! xoxo

    1. Hello dear Sarah!

      Recharge is definitively what I needed. I also noticed my favorite way to sketch is to either frame it around practicing a new skill (portraits for example!) or just the everyday. So many wonderful things in this world to observe!

      I used the mirror and it is ALWAYS intimidating. So fun to give it a try though, and it take just a small burst of bravery. And you are your most reliable subject, right? 🙂

      You are so inspiring, and I love your warm, connected spirit here. I appreciate you!


      1. Hello dear Melissa!

        Yes, that´s right, we are indeed our most reliable subject 😉 And I will definitely give drawing a self-portrait a try soon! Hope this small burst of bravery will come sooner than later though 😀 Haha!

        There´s always something new to learn from you which I totally love! Thank you for our friendship, dear Melissa! 🙂 xxxxxx

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