The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah

What’s your favorite part of blogging?

When I first started this blog, I would have said that it was to be heard and share tid-bits of inspiration.   To get my message out there in a great big world. Easy- peasy, right?

And now? I would tell you without hesitation that the reason I blog is to connect with the same big world.

Miss Gentileschi of the fabulously inspiring blog Secret Art Expedition is one of the connections made that I am most grateful for.  Her blog is inspiring, sharing candidly her art adventure in Berlin, Germany. The story comes to life through her photography, perspectives of everyday life and landscapes, as well as her own art.  What a magical gift she gives us by blogging her story.  I am so grateful for this special creative soul!

Some of you know that I offer to send a postcard to new followers (or anyone who sends me their email, for that matter!). I love the idea of taking virtual connections and making the connection in the real world.  Dear Sarah took me up on this offer, and you can read more about over exchange her on blog

I was lucky enough to receive a card from her in the mail.  Real snail mail!

IMG_0534 (3)
Sarah’s beautiful handmade fairy card

The connection made in the virtual world had come to life and deepened right before my very eyes.  I love her fairy adorning the front of the card, and it now is pinned to my “inspiration string”, a string pinned to the wall above my desk to inspire and remind me why it is so very important to keep the creative spirit alive.

IMG_0536 (2)
My “inspiration string” – tidbits that inspire me.

So, inspired by my dear friend Sarah, I give a heart-felt thank you to those of you engaging out there in world wide web.  I invite you to connect here just as Sarah did.  Comment, engage, share….you voice and perspective is so very  valuable to the conversation!

If you would like to join the conversation, I welcome your comments here.  Want a postcard?  Simply follow my blog, and message me your address. My email is, and I would love to connect.

May your day be an inspired one.



Melissa on the farm
All smiles here!






One thought on “The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah

  1. Oh, Melissa! I´m simply speech-less! What a wonderful and magical post you wrote! I
    can´t even begin to describe that lovely, warm feeling engulfing my heart and soul when I read your words 🙂 I´m so very glad to have met you here my dear friend!
    I just love your inspiration string – what a wonderful idea to have all the things that inspire you right in front of you when you get to work on something beautiful and creative. And I especially love that enchanting little statue of a bison! Such amazingly strong creatures! A very good choice for company 🙂
    Have a wonderful day! xo

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