Succulent Love and Sketching!

DSC_0673 (4).JPG

Have you ever noticed that almost any time you put together a collection of something, it seems to make it sparkle no matter what the subject? Well, my succulents, although pretty darn cute by nature, look even better as one big happy family!

With plants on the brain lately, I gathered my succulents big and small and started sketching.  Many of you know I have been cultivating the creative daily habit of sketching, and I am finding that choosing a theme to work on for a while really lights a fire under me to put pencil to paper.

So, here is the behind the scenes of today’s sketch session:

Succulent Sketch Space

Is there a fun spring project you are working on?  I am finding this time of year I am itching to create, get my hands in the dirt, and adventure in the great outdoors under a sunshiny sky!

Have a lovely and inspired Thursday!

Cheers, Melissa


8 thoughts on “Succulent Love and Sketching!

    1. You are very welcome. Sharing and connecting I think is the magic of it all. It is so interesting to me how sketching has given me a doorway into creating community. And it draws people from all parts of the world, which I really love.

      So happy to connect with you here!

  1. Beautiful sketches! I love succulents, they’re my favorite plants and I have a big collection of them 🙂 Do you keep your succulents indoors? Yours have long stems with and that could mean they need a little more sunshine.

    1. Thanks so much, Fabi! Good tip abiut succulents. Here in the Inland Northwest of Washington state, we have really low light levels during winter, so it is tricky. They are indoors for a few months more, until it is warm enough to move them outside. I would love any advice you could offer, as I remember you know about plants 🙂

    1. Ohh, I adore them to! Good thing, as they keep multiplying. They keep growing, and I am constantly trying to come up with creative containers to keep them in.

      If you think of one, let me know! As always, thank you for your lovely comment Sarah!


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