Soap, Soap, Soap, …sketch!

Soap, soap, soap…sketch!

Life has been busy lately, and I have been more of a soapmakers than a sketcher lately.

Remember our soap-making project using up all that extra milk we were getting from our Nubian goats last spring?  Well, it ended up being a roaring success, which came as a surprise, and also let us hustling to get soap made.

Flying Ears Ranch Fall Soap Line up 2016…can you guess the varieties?


The goats have been so fun (check out how big baby Maple is below!) and I have secretly been plotting how I can incorporate my other passion of sketching into this new project.  Turns out, I can sketch all over the place!  Signs for shops, labels, and the fun Kraft paper goat-themed cards to include with purchases all lend themselves well to sketch projects.

I am curious if anyone out there has any ideas about other labels or handmade products that have particularly stood out in the world.  Handmade with lots of love and the best goats around is what we are standing by.

As I mentioned, sales and opportunities popped up quick, and selling at Urban Eden Farm’s CSA pickup once a week turned into selling at multiple locations around town. We are so, so thrilled to be selling locally here in Spokane at Lucky Detour, Parrish and Grove Botanicals, and now even the Main Market Co-op!  So much gratitude and love for our local community who are supporting us.

Happy Sunday, and maybe it be a be a week full of good food, great conversation, and unforgettable people to share it with.

Miss Maple all grown up, Fall 2016.





10 thoughts on “Soap, Soap, Soap, …sketch!

  1. It is wonderful that you are getting so much support from your local community. The soaps look amazing. I see lavender in one of the bars? Best wishes for the week ahead. xo

    1. Thank you! It has been a fun surprise success project so far, but definitely accelerated by a stellar community support network.

      It is lavender, in fact! Lavender lemon. I gathered lavender buds from my mom’s plant last summer and am using them on top. She didn’t make the connection that they were hers until yesterday somehow. “Fantastic!” she exclaimed. It was pretty cute.

      Wishing you a lovely end of the week as well. Cheers!

    1. Good point…..made with goat MILK. Ahh, it’s all in the details. We raise Nubian goats and had more milk than we could use, so we started making soap with the milk. Really creamy and moisturizing.

  2. Miss Maple looks wonderful! All grown up now and a real beauty! 🙂 And how wonderful that your soap selling business is going so well! They look fantastic up to the point of delicious even (though experience already taught me in young years that soap really doesn´t taste good, no matter how wonderful it smells 😉 )! I´m so happy for your success, it is very well deserved! And are these oats on one of the bars? Mmmh, yummy… 😉 And to combine your products with your beautiful personalised sketches is just perfect! Wish you a beautiful and creative weekend, Melissa! xxxxxxxx ❤

    1. She is a beauty, isn’t she? I need to post a winter photo of the goats….they get an extra layer of fur to keep warm and it is pretty cute.

      The soap business is honestly a surprise success, but I love it! Lots of creativity involved. Thanks for your nice words. And those are indeed oats from our Milk + Honey bar.

      You reminded me of two funny stories. First, my sister had her mouth washed out with soap one time, and that is all it took for us kids to know Mom meant business. I remember standing there stunned as a kid thinking, “Dang, they really do that?!” Makes me smile even now thinking of it.

      Second, my partner Adam is trading soap for acupuncture treatment! How cool is that? Well, the acupuncturist’s wife was looking at our soap and wondered if she could use it. She is lactose intolerant. 🙂 Surprisingly, we have heard this a few times, and I started to wonder if people who have problems with dairy ingestion would also have problems with some kind of skin allergy. In the meantime, I hope she does not eat our soap.

      Have a lovely day, Miss Sarah! Sending love from a snowy Pacific Northwest.


      1. Haha! Your stories made me laugh so much, Melissa! 😃 And I’m so happy for you that your soap business takes off so well! If they smell as stunning as they look they must be simply amazing! 😄
        And I’m totally looking forward to those goat in winter fur pic!! 😄 Wish you and your partner a wonderful and merry Christmas dear Melissa! 😄😚🎄🎀🐐

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