Goodbye to Sweet Sophie Goat

This past weekend, we said goodbye to Sophie Goat, part of the sister trio with Mickey and Zephora.  This sweetheart is the first goat we have lost, and it has led me to reflect on the many lessons animals pass onto us to live with compassion, connection, and care for each other. Sophie stuck outContinue reading “Goodbye to Sweet Sophie Goat”

Quote Challenge #2: The Energy of Art

“I believe in the energy of art, and through the use of that energy, the artist’s ability to transform his or her life and, by example, the lives of others.”                                                   Continue reading “Quote Challenge #2: The Energy of Art”

Eat your turnips!

Most Fridays, I try to volunteer at the urban farm where I am lucky to reside at in the lovely Spokane, Washington called Urban Eden Farm. In exchange, I get lovely fresh produce, and it has pushed me to explore new recipes and new ways of thinking about certain veggies that were new to meContinue reading “Eat your turnips!”

Spring Harvest at the farm

Today I had the the day off, so I helped do harvest at Urban Eden Farm, an urban operation where I am lucky enough to live at and call my community. Lots of lovely fresh veggies came out of the field and greenhouses today, and they made quite the vibrant subject to sketch!  I amContinue reading “Spring Harvest at the farm”

Coffee, huevos rancheros, and goat milk…

  My morning routine from my sketchbook! I have been taking an online sketching course through Sketchbook Skool called Polishing and it is FABULOUS! It is full of great inspiration, and the weekly sketch assignments have kept me on track while growing in my drawing adventure. The first week’s homework was to draw your day in comicContinue reading “Coffee, huevos rancheros, and goat milk…”

Sketching as a daily practice…revisited.

Life has been moving and shakin’! It is lovely to finally come back to my blog after what feels like a long slumber, only to find my last post was such a simple but meaningful one on sketching as a daily practice.  Indeed, I have done good on my lofty goal for the most part.Continue reading “Sketching as a daily practice…revisited.”