Day 12 – Eggs

A Dozen Eggs Birds have come back to the Inland Northwest. Robins in the morning rooting around in the grass, osprey overhead building their nest after being gone all winter to warmer parts, and lots of Canadian geese who have taken to hanging out just outside of the goats afternoon grazing area. Lots of birdsContinue reading “Day 12 – Eggs”

Day 008 – Wheatgrass

Day 8/100 of my #100daysofdozens project, where I am sketching a dozen items everyday. Have you ever done something completely out of your usual comfort zone? This sketch felt really good on my brain for some reason, and all I can figure is that it was in a different style.  Pushing ourselves out of thatContinue reading “Day 008 – Wheatgrass”

Day 002 – Wooden Bowls

I can tell this project will be an interesting exploration of mind association. Found objects from yesterday made me think of the wooden bowls where I keep many of my small found treasures. A mix of bowls from my mother’s china hutch I played with as a girl and thrift shop finds, wooden bowls areContinue reading “Day 002 – Wooden Bowls”

Day 001 – Found Objects

I collect small, pocket-sized objects out on walks or hiking, and place them in bowls or shelves around our space.  These are a few of my favorites. A mix of woods, the sea, and even some man-made treasures. Sound interesting? Join in or follow along on Instagram:        #The100DayProject or at my account @missy.sketches #100DaysOfDozens Happy Wednesday!Continue reading “Day 001 – Found Objects”