Inspiring A*R*T…Street Art!

I love art in public places. It can make a social commentary, make you think a little more, or just give life  and beauty to our public spaces.  Often when I see street art I am impressed by the artistic expression and detail that goes into these masterpieces. Or sometimes, if it is in aContinue reading “Inspiring A*R*T…Street Art!”

Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S

If you want to know what vegetation is like in a given area, visit a local plant nursery or botanical garden. I was driving through Phoenix, Arizona with a friend recently, and was mesmerized and pleasantly surprised at the plant nurseries we passed, stocked with cactus, palm trees and other desert plants. How fun andContinue reading “Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S”

Inspiring S*T*A*M*P*S

What the heck is PHILATELY? Well, I found out a few days ago, when I was inspired by the big, bright blue Oaxacan sky to get out and about to enjoy Oaxaca City by foot.  I decided to stroll the city and try to find something new.  The  unexpected gem I stumbled upon captivated me,Continue reading “Inspiring S*T*A*M*P*S”