Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Much like trusting the headlights of a car to illuminate our path as we drive at night, we must confidently move forward in life, trusting that the path will be illuminated for us. Our job is to simply keep moving forward. I came across this little gem in the Denver International airport a while back.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination”

Cool Mexico City Metro Project

Close your eyes.  No, really.  Image a place you would LOVE to be transported to magically.  What image comes to mind? Well, I crossed paths here with an Australian guy living and working in Mexico City doing a project that transported me straight into one of my favorite cities in the world! Mexico City, in all it’sContinue reading “Cool Mexico City Metro Project”

Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S

If you want to know what vegetation is like in a given area, visit a local plant nursery or botanical garden. I was driving through Phoenix, Arizona with a friend recently, and was mesmerized and pleasantly surprised at the plant nurseries we passed, stocked with cactus, palm trees and other desert plants. How fun andContinue reading “Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S”

Inspiring S*T*A*M*P*S

What the heck is PHILATELY? Well, I found out a few days ago, when I was inspired by the big, bright blue Oaxacan sky to get out and about to enjoy Oaxaca City by foot.  I decided to stroll the city and try to find something new.  The  unexpected gem I stumbled upon captivated me,Continue reading “Inspiring S*T*A*M*P*S”

Inspiring C*O*L*O*R

When I first came to Oaxaca, Mexico in October of 2002, I quickly fell in love with the brilliant explosion of colors, sounds, flavors and the overall vitality I saw on the bustling streets. It was unlike anything I had seen before. So, to kick off my blog which will be highlighting inspiring people, placesContinue reading “Inspiring C*O*L*O*R”