Cool Mexico City Metro Project

Close your eyes.  No, really.  Image a place you would LOVE to be transported to magically.  What image comes to mind? Well, I crossed paths here with an Australian guy living and working in Mexico City doing a project that transported me straight into one of my favorite cities in the world! Mexico City, in all it’sContinue reading “Cool Mexico City Metro Project”

Inspiring A*R*T…Street Art!

I love art in public places. It can make a social commentary, make you think a little more, or just give life  and beauty to our public spaces.  Often when I see street art I am impressed by the artistic expression and detail that goes into these masterpieces. Or sometimes, if it is in aContinue reading “Inspiring A*R*T…Street Art!”

Inspiring C*I*T*I*E*S Mexico City

Curious how big cities seem to work almost like clockwork despite being…..well, huge?  Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world (population 114.8 million (UN, 2011)), is taking on the challenges facing all modern cities today like pollution, growing urban populations, traffic, and lack of green spaces, in innovative ways. Granted, I haveContinue reading “Inspiring C*I*T*I*E*S Mexico City”