#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder

These autumn days are crisp and full of signs of the new season. Yesterday I squeezed in sketchtime while watching our goats graze. We open their gate, and our beloved four-leggers as Adam, call them, come frolicking out playfully, excited to find good stuff to munch on. This spread is a collage of what I saw in myContinue reading “#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder”

Does Slowing Down Actually Give Us MORE Time?

  Have you ever felt like time stretches out in front of you so vastly that you could swear it has literally slowed down? One of those wonky and fun occurrences of life, and I sure experienced that this past weekend. As many of you know, I have been trying to develop daily habits forContinue reading “Does Slowing Down Actually Give Us MORE Time?”