Make America Goat Again

Although this is a poke at the current state of the presidential campaigns, it is important to get out there and VOTE! It is a presidential election year ( and a nail-biter at that!), but pretty please don’t forget the candidates and issues that are on local ballots being voted on as well that affectContinue reading “Make America Goat Again”

Coffee, huevos rancheros, and goat milk…

  My morning routine from my sketchbook! I have been taking an online sketching course through Sketchbook Skool called Polishing and it is FABULOUS! It is full of great inspiration, and the weekly sketch assignments have kept me on track while growing in my drawing adventure. The first week’s homework was to draw your day in comicContinue reading “Coffee, huevos rancheros, and goat milk…”

The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings

Isn’t it fun when you plan and dream about something for so long, and it finally comes to fruition? Goats have been that dream for us at the farm.  And to think it all started with bringing two goats home in the back of an Honda Element (read the post here.). Here’s the page fromContinue reading “The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings”

Adventures of the Flying Ears Sisterhood

Let the goat adventures begin! It all started one balmy August evening, with with two goats coming to their new home in the back of a Honda Element. Sally, an ornry Nubian-pygmy mix and Gidget, a younger, shy Nubian, were not related.  In protest of being in a confined place with a goat she did not know,Continue reading “Adventures of the Flying Ears Sisterhood”