Ears flying off the page!

When we first got our first goats Sally and Gidget, we were so amused by their big, floppy ears that are a hallmark of their Nubian goat breed. Sally goat was named  “Sally Rose Fields” after The Flying Nun TV series featuring Sally Fields. Can you see the resemblance? I have had the idea toContinue reading “Ears flying off the page!”

Hangin’ with Willie and the boys… and Miss Maple.

Many lessons can be taken from these goats.  It is a new day….start slow and then jump right in! This is what the fence line-up looked like this morning.  When we walkout to the goats in the morning, there is such a remarkable  sense of calm.  The sweet goats slowly blink and gaze up atContinue reading “Hangin’ with Willie and the boys… and Miss Maple.”