Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush

Do you ever notice that the act of both giving AND recieveing nourishes your soul? It is as if you can feel it puff up with joy. The describes the feeling that went with the discovery of a blackberry bush on our front porch last weekend. A sweet note was also left, weighted down withContinue reading “Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush”

Happy International Women’s Day!

What a gift to live in such a diverse and colorful world full of strong women. Did you know International Women’s Day has been celebrated for 106 years?! In some countries, it is considered a national holiday, including Cuba, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan I am told.  What will you do to celebrate this day with people aroundContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

Top Ten Differences between Sheep and Goats

As many of you know, I am a ridiculously proud goat mom, not a sheep mom.  So what is our sweet Sally goat doing in this sketch? Well, this past week I have had the incredible opportunity to travel to Sun Valley, Idaho to experience the Trailing of the Sheep Festival with my dear Oaxacan friendsContinue reading “Top Ten Differences between Sheep and Goats”

Country outlaw sketch #1: Merle

Here is the long anticipated sketch of Maple’s twin, Merle. They were our second set of twins born on April 6th, the same day which country legend Merle Haggard died on, which was also his birthday. Maple was an easy name to come up with.  I spent some time in graduate school in Vermont, nestledContinue reading “Country outlaw sketch #1: Merle”

The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings

Isn’t it fun when you plan and dream about something for so long, and it finally comes to fruition? Goats have been that dream for us at the farm.  And to think it all started with bringing two goats home in the back of an Honda Element (read the post here.). Here’s the page fromContinue reading “The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings”

Week 12: Vincent Van Gogh

A sketch in my Moleskine daily planner of someone who inspires me, once a week, every week, in 2016. ******************************************* Who:   Vincent van Gogh What: Dutch post- Impressionist painter who painted fabulously expressive, vivid landscapes, portraits and scenes of daily life.   Where:  The Netherlands (born 1853 , died  1890) Why:  Starry Night was my firstContinue reading “Week 12: Vincent Van Gogh”

Week 10: Cactus Cathy

A sketch in my Moleskine daily planner of someone who inspires me, once a week, every week, in 2016.   Who:   Cathleen Howard What:   Human Rights Activist, laughing yogi, ESL teacher extraordinaire, and  one of the strongest ladies I know. Where:  Currently teacher ESL and volunteering in a migrant shelter in Mexico.  Why:    Continue reading “Week 10: Cactus Cathy”