Day 008 – Wheatgrass

Day 8/100 of my #100daysofdozens project, where I am sketching a dozen items everyday.

Day 008 - Wheatgrass (3)
Wheatgrass. Micron Ink and Watercolor. 2017.


Have you ever done something completely out of your usual comfort zone?

This sketch felt really good on my brain for some reason, and all I can figure is that it was in a different style.  Pushing ourselves out of that cozy, comfy place is often the space we need to grow creatively.  Whether it be using a different art medium, cooking a brand new dish, or even taking a different route home, mixing it up can do wonders to our creative side.

Is there anything you can switch up today to add variety to your world?

**This sketch was inspired by wheatgrass I used in an Urban Framing presentation last week, and I just think wheatgrass is so darn cute!

Happy Thursday, friends. Make it a great one!


Day 7/100 – Culinary Herbs

Day 007 - Culinary Herbs (4).JPG
Culinary Herbs. Micron Ink and Watercolor. 2017.

As many of you know, I have a passion for food, and so many sketches end up being ignited by the kitchen inspiration.

This one is of a dozen of my favorite culinary herbs, and many of these  I grown here in Spokane in my garden space. Flavor in our kitchen is created with a  blend of both dried spices and fresh ones like these.  We have plant starts under grow lights that will be transplanted out to the pots on the back porch once we are part the last-frost date, which here in the Inland Northwest is around May 15th.

Anyone else doing plant starts to be transplanted outside later?

May your day be inspired!


Day 006/100 Spice Jars

Day 6/100 of my #100daysofdozens project

How gorgeous are spices when you line them all up?

I bought these sweet glass spice jars a few years back and labeled them with cut up brown grocery bags.  Interestingly enough, there were exactly twelve of them, so perfect for my project!  Not surprising that this sketch project quickly led me to the kitchen, as most things do.

Playing catch up on posting these, so look for days 7 thru 13 soon, but if you simply can’t wait, you can see them posted daily to my Instagram account here at

Have an inspired Tuesday, friend!



The blank page.JPG
Oh, the blank page. Micron ink and watercolor. 2017.


Spice Sketch Detail

Thoughts On Creativity and Postcard Project Update

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun Quote (2)Would you define yourself as creative?

If you just answered this in your head, was it a big voice that confidently said “Yes!” or a quiet whisper?

Did you hesitate before being able to come up with an answer, or did you just flat out say “No way!”?

I would argue that as humans, we are all creative.  It is part of the human experience.

Beyond what is now quickly categorized as “talent” lies a very real connection to other vital functions for us humans.

Creativity, in whatever unique way you express it can:

  • Reduce stress levels
  •  Increase mental focus
  • Elevate your mood
  • Connect you to your creative community

It also is a product of your brain “having fun”, as Einstein puts it, which I like to think of as your brain trying to process this crazy world in a whimsical way.

So? What are you waiting for? What are you going to create today?

Postcard Project Update:

Some of you may remember my offer to send a hand-sketched postcard to anyone who was a new subscriber to my blog (original post here).  I have extended it to all subscribers, you must simply pass on your address to me (I promise not to do anything with your address besides send the postcard ) and wa-la!  Postcard will be in the mail.

Send your address to my email at

Happy creating, and I will be posting an update on my #100daysofdozens project very soon.  On day fourteen and going strong!



Day 005 – Forks

Twelve forks.  Yep, they are all there sketched as far as I can tell.Day 005 - Forks.JPG

Do you notice on small thing wrong with this sketch?

I lined up all the forks, wrote the title “Day 005 …” neatly at the bottom, and proceeded to sketch the forks.  Forks, forks, forks.  I kind of like the gray metallic look and it sure was good practice one the shapely form of each individual one.

But there is one mistake.

This leads me to a funny story about my mom.  When my grandparents moved to the Pacific Northwest wonderland of Whidbey Island after retirement, my mom needle- pointed a gorgeous collage picture, full of colorful squares framing little objects, people, or phrases about “Home Sweet Home.” I loved it as a child, and after my grandparents both passed away and it was returned to my mother, she said she will leave it to me.

How does this tie into my forks sketch, you ask? Well, me mom always said there is a mistake in that needle point.  One small mistake that nobody noticed but her.  The entire Johnson family (many generations of us, mind you!) have spent HOURS looking for this elusive mistake to no avail.

Years have passed, and I asked her a few months ago, when we got the picture reframed and hung in a new location in her house, ” Where is the mistake?”

Like pirate’s gold, things that never get told can go into the abyss unknown forever…. or in our case, forgotten.  That’s right, my sweet mom can’t remember where the mistake is after all these years.

So, the million-dollar-question is…..where is the mistake in Day 005 sketch?

Like my mom’s needle point picture, please don’t let this one go down in history.

May you have a wonderfully inspired day!



Day 004 – Wooden Kitchen Items

Day 004 - Wooden Kitchen ItemsI knew it wouldn’t take me long to get into the kitchen with this project.  With every dozen things, I am reminded how everything is fascinating and beautiful if you slow down enough to see it….I mean really SEE it.  On day 4, I continued with the theme of wooden objects.

The notebook I have committed to use for this project is not watercolor paper, and so I am not sure how the paint will take to it.  It sure was run to arrange them, however!

Thanks for following along with me, and any theme suggestions for the daily dozen are welcome. Learn more about the community art project I am participating in here at

Happy Tuesday, friends!



Day 003 – Wooden Chairs

Day three going strong!

This morning as I was sitting having breakfast and coffee with my partner, I wondered out loud what I should sketch today.  A dozen is a very broad theme for the #the100DayProject, and my mind so far is being pesky with nailing down a dozen theme each morning. Darn monkey mind!

He suggested coffee cups.  Brilliant! I love coffee mugs!

I quickly ran around the house, gathering all of our coffee mugs.  They are a hodge podge of gifted, thrifted, and even one that I made in my pottery class a few winters ago.  Reaching up to the kitchen cupboard, I easily found most of my favorites.  Where was my  “Free Your Mind From Worries” bird mug we got at Winona’s Café in Steamboat Springs? That one must be included in my dozen project for today.

Free Your Mind From Worries MugBlue Bird Mug

Then, I lost the feeling.

We all know it, that feeling that hits you like lightening, flinging you to act like a mad person.  This was me running around gathering all my mugs….one in the dishwasher, most on the kitchen shelf, and even one hidden back in my small creative space I have set up. So much creative energy and I was on fire!

And that creative energy can leave just as quick.

The appeal and energy surrounding the coffee mug idea drained out of me like the water draining out of the sand with the outbound tide. Inspiration gone. But where did it go, and why was I simply “not feeling it?” anymore?

Creativity is energy.  It ebbs and flows .

It inspires you, but it is our work to take that inspiration and run with it, even if it changes course like my mug idea.  So far, this project is helping me to realize that I need to jump in with both feet more often.  Put pen to page, and let the creative energy flow.

100 sketches is daunting, but I am never disappointed by what emerges after I finally sit my behind down to sketch.  That is the hard part, and the quicker I can catch the idea and put it down on paper, the more momentum seems to build. Amazing!

If you have made it this far in my ramblings,  congratulations! So, back to the theme of today’s sketch.  After collecting the mugs, I remembered that yesterday I have the idea to focus on a theme every few days. This would help to not “re-invent” a brand new ( and not whimsically linked! ) theme everyday.  My brain switched and remembered my first chosen theme.

Wooden objects!

So, with that thought, I told Adam with a smile, “Sorry, I changed my theme.”

So, once more I felt the spark, and started my search around the house for dozen chairs. And that, my friends, is how the story of this sketch emerged.

Happy Thursday, may it be a truly inspired one.


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Day 002 – Wooden Bowls

I can tell this project will be an interesting exploration of mind association.

Found objects from yesterday made me think of the wooden bowls where I keep many of my small found treasures. A mix of bowls from my mother’s china hutch I played with as a girl and thrift shop finds, wooden bowls are still one of my favorite simple forms.

Wooden Bowl Detail (2)

To follow along, follow the Instagram hashtag #100DayProject or my Instagram feed @missy.sketches

Happy Wednesday, friends!



Day 001 – Found Objects

Found Objects Box

I collect small, pocket-sized objects out on walks or hiking, and place them in bowls or shelves around our space.  These are a few of my favorites.

A mix of woods, the sea, and even some man-made treasures.

Day 001 - Found Objects (2)

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Happy Wednesday! May it be an inspired one.







100 Days Project – 4/4/17 – 7/13/17

If you had to focus on one thing to create, for 100 days straight, what would it be?

This year I will join Elle Luna’s #100DayProject, which challenges participants to do just that.  Some of you remember my 52 Faces Project last year, which stretched me to practice portraits ( which previously TERRIFIED ME!) and I actually improved with each sketch.  I was in awe!  Practice does make….well, better.  Not perfect, but that is not this gal’s goal anyhow.

If you haven’t heard of Elle Luna, you should run out and grab her book “The Crossroads Between Should and Must”. A whimsical and innovative creator and connector, her wise words of artsy inspiration are required reading for us creative folk – including those who don’t consider themselves creative, and especially those who haven’t dared to try just yet.  The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

Interested? Join me!

Check out the project details here:

You can also follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #The100DayProject or at my account @missy.sketches #100DaysOfDozens



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