Focus, young lady!

Mornings are a busy time around our household. ¬†Buzzing around the house, I walked past this beautiful bouquet that comes directly from the fields of our Urban Farm just outside the door. ¬†Pretty gorgeous right?! However, I buzzed past them many times, not even talking a moment to appreciate their vibrant color and simple beauty.Continue reading “Focus, young lady!”

Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S

If you want to know what vegetation is like in a given area, visit a local plant nursery or botanical garden. I was driving through Phoenix, Arizona with a friend recently, and was mesmerized and pleasantly surprised at the plant nurseries we passed, stocked with cactus, palm trees and other desert plants. How fun andContinue reading “Inspiring G*A*R*D*E*N*S”