Sketching as a daily practice…revisited.

Life has been moving and shakin’! It is lovely to finally come back to my blog after what feels like a long slumber, only to find my last post was such a simple but meaningful one on sketching as a daily practice. ¬†Indeed, I have done good on my lofty goal for the most part.Continue reading “Sketching as a daily practice…revisited.”

Inspiring R*E*C*I*P*E*S: Cucumber-Basil Limeade Popsicles

It gets steamy hot here in the Inland Northwest, and what better way to cool off than with a tasty treat using farm fresh produce? We had this as a sweet treat for CSA (community-supported-agriculture) members who came to our home at Urban Eden Farm yesterday to pick up their share of fresh goodies fromContinue reading “Inspiring R*E*C*I*P*E*S: Cucumber-Basil Limeade Popsicles”

Inspiring C*I*T*I*E*S Mexico City

Curious how big cities seem to work almost like clockwork despite being…..well, huge? ¬†Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world (population 114.8 million (UN, 2011)), is taking on the challenges facing all modern cities today like pollution, growing urban populations, traffic, and lack of green spaces, in innovative ways. Granted, I haveContinue reading “Inspiring C*I*T*I*E*S Mexico City”