Day 10 – Gouache Paint Tubes

**This is part of my #100daysofdozensproject, inspired by Elle Luna. Gouache?  How the heck do you say that?!? GWASH. GGGGGWWWASH.  The more I practiced it, the more I liked the sound of it. I figured if I could not even pronounce an art supply, I had no business using it. First introduced to them inContinue reading “Day 10 – Gouache Paint Tubes”

Day 008 – Wheatgrass

Day 8/100 of my #100daysofdozens project, where I am sketching a dozen items everyday. Have you ever done something completely out of your usual comfort zone? This sketch felt really good on my brain for some reason, and all I can figure is that it was in a different style.  Pushing ourselves out of thatContinue reading “Day 008 – Wheatgrass”

Happy International Women’s Day!

What a gift to live in such a diverse and colorful world full of strong women. Did you know International Women’s Day has been celebrated for 106 years?! In some countries, it is considered a national holiday, including Cuba, Madagascar, and Uzbekistan I am told.  What will you do to celebrate this day with people aroundContinue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

One cookbook, two girls, and a windowless apartment

  In a tiny, windowless apartment in a Colorado mountain town, my roommate Monique and I taught ourselves how to cook. We would each pick a few new recipes to try out every week. It was a magical time, forged a lifelong friendship, and gave me the confidence to not only cook, but co-create inContinue reading “One cookbook, two girls, and a windowless apartment”

Week 26 – Elena Gonzalez Ruiz

  Elena’s family and the weaving traditions of her village of Teotitlan de Valle were the subject of my very first post here on WordPress! Check it out here in my  post entitled  Inspiring C*O*L*O*R, published March 21st, 2012. Who:  Elena Gonzalez Ruiz What: Master rug weaver, business woman and educator Where: Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, MexicoContinue reading “Week 26 – Elena Gonzalez Ruiz”

On supporting local artists….

“If you hear a voice within say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. “ –Vincent Van Gogh I purchased this painting from an artist selling his painting on the street at an artist’s market in Oaxaca City, Mexico while I was there teaching ESL (English as aContinue reading “On supporting local artists….”

Week 12: Vincent Van Gogh

A sketch in my Moleskine daily planner of someone who inspires me, once a week, every week, in 2016. ******************************************* Who:   Vincent van Gogh What: Dutch post- Impressionist painter who painted fabulously expressive, vivid landscapes, portraits and scenes of daily life.   Where:  The Netherlands (born 1853 , died  1890) Why:  Starry Night was my firstContinue reading “Week 12: Vincent Van Gogh”

Week 5: Georgia O’Keefe

52  Faces Project A sketch in my Moleskine planner of an inspiring face , once a week, every week, in 2016. Who?     Georgia O’Keefe What?     American Painter Where?   Born Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (1887),  died Santa Fe New Mexico (1986) Why?       Women artist have always inspired me.  As an art history minorContinue reading “Week 5: Georgia O’Keefe”