Willie Revisited: Lessons from a Legend and Tribute to My Dad

  Tonight, Willie Nelson is taking on the smoke (of the wildfire kind, not the other kind ūüôā ) and playing a show in my hometown of Spokane, Washington. ¬†It is memorable not only because it is my first concert with my mom, but also because it is one of my dad’s favorite musical icons.Continue reading “Willie Revisited: Lessons from a Legend and Tribute to My Dad”

When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?

A little while ago, I received another magical piece of snail mail (ie. mail that comes in an actual mailbox!) that made me light up like the Northern Lights sky. A dear friend from India, who I connected with here on WordPress, created a wonderful postcard just for me that is now hanging on whatContinue reading “When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?”

The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah

What’s your favorite part of blogging? When I first started this blog, I would have said that it was to be heard and share tid-bits of inspiration. ¬† To get my message out there in a great big world.¬†Easy- peasy, right? And¬†now? I would tell you without hesitation that the reason I blog is toContinue reading “The Power of Connection: Letters from Sarah”

Day 12 – Eggs

A Dozen Eggs Birds have come back to the Inland Northwest. Robins in the morning rooting around in the grass, osprey overhead building their nest after being gone all winter to warmer parts, and lots of Canadian geese who have taken to hanging out just outside of the goats afternoon grazing area. Lots of birdsContinue reading “Day 12 – Eggs”

Permission – Who needs permission?

  Permission? Who needs permission? Sometimes us creative types do in fact need permission to create, but oddly enough, that permission comes from with in. I was watching a fabulous video today from the Sketchbook Skool Blog with Danny Gregory and Sabine Wiseman about giving ourselves permission¬†that addressed this very fact. Sometimes I feel aContinue reading “Permission – Who needs permission?”

Day 11 – Garden Finds

**the post is highlighting my #100daysodozensproject I am participating in through July. Read more about it here at https://inspirationinfocus.wordpress.com/2017/04/05/100-days-project-4417-71317/     A little behind on my posts here, but I am indeed still plugging away at my dozens project I started back in early April. The past few weeks I have been helping a friendContinue reading “Day 11 – Garden Finds”

Day 10 – Gouache Paint Tubes

**This is part of my #100daysofdozensproject, inspired by Elle Luna. Gouache?¬† How the heck do you say that?!? GWASH. GGGGGWWWASH.¬† The more I practiced it, the more I liked the sound of it. I figured if I could not even pronounce an art supply, I had no business using it. First introduced to them inContinue reading “Day 10 – Gouache Paint Tubes”