Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush

IMG_0970 (5)Do you ever notice that the act of both giving AND recieveing nourishes your soul? It is as if you can feel it puff up with joy.

The describes the feeling that went with the discovery of a blackberry bush on our front porch last weekend. A sweet note was also left, weighted down with a simple stone.  The couple and toddler who left it are some of my favorite people, and they consistently show gratitude. Sometimes I wonder…do I do enough to show gratitude in my life?

The awesome thing about gratitude is this:

Gratitude is contagious!  The more you give, the more you seem receive.

The fall season always makes me fill up with a warm fuzzy feeling, but this one in particular has been a blessing. Although I don’t delve too much into my personal world here, my work ( the world of teaching!) has been a bit stressful these last few weeks, with sketching and my community (this amazing community included!) have really been a place of comfort and strength.

What I’m trying to say is….

I am grateful for YOU!

Thanks for following along on this wild, wonderful, and sometimes topsy-turvy ride we call life with me here.






One thought on “Inktober 7/31 : Blackberry Bush

  1. What a lovely gift! I love picking blackberries and eating them of course too 😉
    Giving and receiving – such a big part of the circle of life.
    I’m also grateful for this lovely, supporting and encouraging community here, and especially for your friendship, Melissa! Hope the stress at work will lessen with time! xxx

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