Inktober 6/31 – Chicken Glam Shot

IMG_0966 (3)

Chickens intimidate the heck out of me to sketch! So many textures, lines, and quirky dinosaur-like features… and they move quick.

Sitting in the sunshine on an upside down feed bucket, I sketched the girls.  They circled around a bit, gazing at me curiously and sideways, like chickens do.

They are a good subject, and I need to ignore my fear and just sketch them more.

Happy Thursday, friends!

5 thoughts on “Inktober 6/31 – Chicken Glam Shot

    1. Aww, I so appreciate that! If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was about a 7th grader, I would have said an artist.

      Years later, comically after I was asked by a Tibetian monk if I was an artist, I hesitated and said, “yes…” I thought “Heck, who’s to say I am not?” and I started sketching my little heart out. Connecting with community has been so inspiring…including you!

    1. Tank you, friend! You are right, I just need to do it more often. Birds in general are another thing I overlook when I sketch. And they are everywhere!

      I so love your thoughts. 😀

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