Inktober 4/31 Three Eggs

IMG_0952 (2).JPG

Another indication of the fall season upon us….fewer eggs!

Chickens are sensitive to the waning daylight hours, and as the days get shorter, the daily eggs gathered from our coop declines.  Oh how I love fresh eggs!

This sketch was done sitting on our front steps, and it made me think of three things:

  •  I love natural variations of eggs colors. Don’t they look like Easter eggs?
  •  Cable sweater patterns are really tricky to sketch, but I love the practice!
  •  I still have a goal to crochet a sweater …maybe this fall and winter is the magic moment!

What seasonal changes are you noticing in your part of the world?

May your day be inspired.




3 thoughts on “Inktober 4/31 Three Eggs

  1. Hm, here in India (or more specifically, my part of the country, Bangalore) it is raining, and if it isn’t raining, it is cloudy. Cold has started to settle in and getting up in the morning is harder than usual!

  2. What a great idea for a sketch! Oh how I would love to have eggs as fresh as yours!
    And I hope you’ll find time to knit that sweater this winter! I’m currently knitting a pair of socks (always useful) and a sleeve for my laptop. 😄💕

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