Inktober 3/31 Late Blooms


IMG_0949 (4)

A few sunflowers, California poppies, and blanket flowers hang on into early fall here in our perennial bed.  They always seem to hold the memories of sunshine and warmth well into the next season.

Ink drawings are really making me feel a bit self-conscience of my tendency to hurry through a drawing.  There is something to be said about sketching first impressions, and it gives it a aura of vibrancy that sometimes a well-planned page does not have. Funny how that happens,  right?

And so is life….sometimes the unplanned events and coincidences are really the juicy storylines that stick in our minds long after the moment has past.  A little bit like summer flowers fading into the fall.

Happy Thursday, friends! Make it a good one.




One thought on “Inktober 3/31 Late Blooms

  1. Beautiful post and lovely sketch, Melissa! I think it’s a good thing to sometimes stretch your wings a little and get out of your comfort zone, in life as well as in sketching. What a wonderful project you chose to challenge yourself! 😄🌻🌼🍁

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