#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder

These autumn days are crisp and full of signs of the new season. Yesterday I squeezed in sketchtime while watching our goats graze. We open their gate, and our beloved four-leggers as Adam, call them, come frolicking out playfully, excited to find good stuff to munch on.

This spread is a collage of what I saw in my world. Sally and Maple (see how she has grown!) in the background, and small collected treasures left behind by my sweet friend Kate, a curious 2 year old who came to visit Sunday.


My beginnings in sketching started more with pages like this. At times, we get tossed a tangled in the frantic pace of the word, and forget what magic and small wonders we have in front of us everyday.

Do you have ways you stop to celebrate the everyday?


IMG_0947 (3)
Journal page done while watch our goats graze. Micron ink. 2017

IMG_0933 (3)


9 thoughts on “#Inktober 2/31: Part-Time Goat Herder

    1. It is soooo difficult! They never are still for even a moment. Animals seem to be even more challenging for me than humans for some reason. But if there is an animal that I have ample opportunity to practice sketching, it’s goats!

      You would not believe how big Maple is! A baby goat update is in order.

      1. Yes, it would be, but the little furry creatures act as if they are starving if they even hear a peep of a person coming near their pen. I really do need to do another video of them to show you. Maybe a virtual meet and greet!

      2. LOL! 😀 Poor you for having such a hard time to sketch them and poor goats for being starved 😉 Maybe you should learn how to sneak up without making a sound 😉 Going barefoot would help but since it´s cold that´s not really an option I imagine 😀
        And I would love a virtual meet and greet!!! 😀
        Have a wonderful week, Melissa! And give Miss Maple a cuddle from me! xxx

    1. Me too! I need to do more goat updates here. They are so fun and we have learned so much from them .

      We are looking to have baby goats in the spring hopefully….that is a whole other chapter of shenanigans. Have you been around baby goats at all? Long-legged, cuddly bundles of cuteness!

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