When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?

A little while ago, I received another magical piece of snail mail (ie. mail that comes in an actual mailbox!) that made me light up like the Northern Lights sky.

A dear friend from India, who I connected with here on WordPress, created a wonderful postcard just for me that is now hanging on what I am calling my string of inspiration. I mentioned this in my previous post about another letter from  dear Sarah over at her blog Secret Art Expedition, that I received earlier this year.

These connections forged in the virtual word that come to life through sweet words and creative works make my day, and pour the fuel on my creative fires even more. Simply put, anyone who feels inspired by this endeavor of mine to sketch and share my word here on Word[press, know that the inspiration is mutual. What a wonderful circle of energy!

The words on  my most recent snail mail treasure say it simply but profoundly beautiful as well:

“What makes you feel like you true self?”

If you are brave enough to find something that lights you up, please share.  You are co-creating  a better world where creativity weaves a thread through all of our hearts and creative souls. You never know…you just might inspire someone to pursue their dream.

Wishing you a most magical day, and thanks for reading.




10 thoughts on “When Do You Feel Like Your True Self?

  1. What a beautiful post, Melissa! And the card from your friend is so lovely!
    To answer both your question: I think I feel like my true self whenever I´m outdoors in synch with nature or when I make art. These are the main two things that make me truly feel at peace with myself 😀

    1. Lovely reply, Sarah. I agree with you, I feel my true self outdoor in the garden or in the nature, when I’m creative and when I meditating. And when I cook with my beloved ones, sharing a bottle of wine … 🙂

      1. Thank you, Dina. I think us artists feel the same for the same things 😀 Cooking is also one of my favorite past-times – and eating of course! 😀 😉
        Have a happy and creative day! xxx

  2. Hi , for the first part of your post , yes the snail mail might has lost its preference over e mail , but has not lost its charm , whenever I get a snail mail even though once in a blue moon ! It seems more personalised than the emails that we receive in a instant . As for the question I feel more true with my self when I create anything creative!🙂 be it art from scrap or up cycled project to composing and capturing a photograph on my

    1. Yes, I totally agree! Maybe it is the delay in the snail mail, and I always imagine the distance it ha traveled to it’s final destination.

      As far as creating, I love you said that! Creating is human and I truly think we all do it in some way or another….art, cooking, writing, playing music, woodworking, fixing cars. All the work we do with our hands is quite beautiful I think. And I love seeing your creations on your blog, by the way! 🙂

      Have a fabulous day (or night as it may be!)

  3. I missed this post! I’m so happy!
    I suppose I feel like my true self when I’m reading or writing, and now drawing and painting. And, not to mention connecting with inspirational people like yourself!

    1. Ahhhh, I knew early on we were connecting over something special – we are both creative souls! I love sharing here, and especially seeing people grow beyond what the think they can do. Our abilities and passions can grow so much if we only have the courage to nourish them. 🙂

      So happy to have connected here with you, friend.

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