Permission – Who needs permission?


Permission? Who needs permission?

Sometimes us creative types do in fact need permission to create, but oddly enough, that permission comes from with in.

I was watching a fabulous video today from the Sketchbook Skool Blog with Danny Gregory and Sabine Wiseman about giving ourselves permission that addressed this very fact. Sometimes I feel a bit shy or reluctant to share my sketches.  Some days are good, and I get really focused with lots of inky details.

Other days?

Sloppy, smeared ink, and not always something I love at first glance.

But the sharing part, or rather giving myself permission to share, is part of the glory of creating something. It is not as much fun if you don’t share it.

Kind of like the tree in the forest that falls. If nobody is around to hear it, does it still make noise?

If an artist does not create, are they still an artist?

This has been on my mind a lot lately, along with ponderings on creativity in humans.  More on that later.

May your day be inspired and full of creative spark!



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