Day 11 – Garden Finds

**the post is highlighting my #100daysodozensproject I am participating in through July. Read more about it here at
Day 011 - Garden Finds (3).JPG
Day 11 – Garden Finds. Watercolor & Micron Ink. 2017.



A little behind on my posts here, but I am indeed still plugging away at my dozens project I started back in early April.

The past few weeks I have been helping a friend in my neighborhood with her garden, and I found so many treasures there!  It has been so inspiring to watch it grow from a leaf-covered cold space a few weeks ago, to one this week exploding with color and spring texture.

Here are some of the highlights of my prodding around in her garden.  Have you seen some of these familiar garden finds in your local garden space?

May your day be an inspired one.



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