Thoughts On Creativity and Postcard Project Update

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun Quote (2)Would you define yourself as creative?

If you just answered this in your head, was it a big voice that confidently said “Yes!” or a quiet whisper?

Did you hesitate before being able to come up with an answer, or did you just flat out say “No way!”?

I would argue that as humans, we are all creative.  It is part of the human experience.

Beyond what is now quickly categorized as “talent” lies a very real connection to other vital functions for us humans.

Creativity, in whatever unique way you express it can:

  • Reduce stress levels
  •  Increase mental focus
  • Elevate your mood
  • Connect you to your creative community

It also is a product of your brain “having fun”, as Einstein puts it, which I like to think of as your brain trying to process this crazy world in a whimsical way.

So? What are you waiting for? What are you going to create today?

Postcard Project Update:

Some of you may remember my offer to send a hand-sketched postcard to anyone who was a new subscriber to my blog (original post here).  I have extended it to all subscribers, you must simply pass on your address to me (I promise not to do anything with your address besides send the postcard ) and wa-la!  Postcard will be in the mail.

Send your address to my email at

Happy creating, and I will be posting an update on my #100daysofdozens project very soon.  On day fourteen and going strong!



3 thoughts on “Thoughts On Creativity and Postcard Project Update

    1. Glad to hear it! I am reading Danny Gregory’s “Shut Your Monkey” and it talks about the voice in our head that sometimes holds us back, so it was on my mind.

      Have you ever read any books by Danny Gregory? He is incredibly inspiring for us creative folk 🙂

      1. Oh wow! Thanks! You´ve just opened my eyes for another brilliant artist that I haven´t known before! 🙂 I´ve just googled him and watched his “The Art of Breakfast” (awesome!) and am definitely going to look more into it!! I like that he did the drawing with old-style dip-pen. My mom has some of them (she´s a porcelain painter by profession) and I will ask her if you would lend me one to have a try at it.
        The book you mentioned sounds perfect, I often feel I´m not as creative as I could be… and I don´t know why that is. Seems he might have an answer for me – or you, once you´re through with it! Too bad we can´t lend out books to each other! 😉
        Have a lovely and inspiring day, Melissa! And thanks again for that precious pointing out to me! 🙂 xoxo ❤

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