Day 005 – Forks

Twelve forks.  Yep, they are all there sketched as far as I can tell.Day 005 - Forks.JPG

Do you notice on small thing wrong with this sketch?

I lined up all the forks, wrote the title “Day 005 …” neatly at the bottom, and proceeded to sketch the forks.  Forks, forks, forks.  I kind of like the gray metallic look and it sure was good practice one the shapely form of each individual one.

But there is one mistake.

This leads me to a funny story about my mom.  When my grandparents moved to the Pacific Northwest wonderland of Whidbey Island after retirement, my mom needle- pointed a gorgeous collage picture, full of colorful squares framing little objects, people, or phrases about “Home Sweet Home.” I loved it as a child, and after my grandparents both passed away and it was returned to my mother, she said she will leave it to me.

How does this tie into my forks sketch, you ask? Well, me mom always said there is a mistake in that needle point.  One small mistake that nobody noticed but her.  The entire Johnson family (many generations of us, mind you!) have spent HOURS looking for this elusive mistake to no avail.

Years have passed, and I asked her a few months ago, when we got the picture reframed and hung in a new location in her house, ” Where is the mistake?”

Like pirate’s gold, things that never get told can go into the abyss unknown forever…. or in our case, forgotten.  That’s right, my sweet mom can’t remember where the mistake is after all these years.

So, the million-dollar-question is…..where is the mistake in Day 005 sketch?

Like my mom’s needle point picture, please don’t let this one go down in history.

May you have a wonderfully inspired day!



2 thoughts on “Day 005 – Forks

  1. Well, my guess is that you´ve written “spoons” instead of “forks” 😉 Wonderful story about your mom´s needlework. I always see so many mistakes in my paintings, but people who see them only tell me if they like them or not, they never seem to notice them as much as I do… By the way, your card is already on its way! 😉 xoxo

  2. You got it! A friend noticed that before I did, and admittedly, the area I am most likely to make a small mistake it is writing. I am so happy you liked the story! It is a really gorgeous needle point. Your card is on its way now, coming from a very rainy Inland Northwest of Washington State!

    I also received your gorgeous card….thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it. What lovely flowers, and it made me smile that flowers are in bloom around the world for springtime.

    Have a wonderful Monday, Sarah!

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