Day 004 – Wooden Kitchen Items

Day 004 - Wooden Kitchen ItemsI knew it wouldn’t take me long to get into the kitchen with this project.  With every dozen things, I am reminded how everything is fascinating and beautiful if you slow down enough to see it….I mean really SEE it.  On day 4, I continued with the theme of wooden objects.

The notebook I have committed to use for this project is not watercolor paper, and so I am not sure how the paint will take to it.  It sure was run to arrange them, however!

Thanks for following along with me, and any theme suggestions for the daily dozen are welcome. Learn more about the community art project I am participating in here at

Happy Tuesday, friends!



11 thoughts on “Day 004 – Wooden Kitchen Items

    1. Both great ideas! We have six goats at the moment, so maybe a fun sketch of goats at different angles. And the soap idea is brilliant! We have been coming up with all different kinds of different soaps. 🙂

      1. Oooh! I really love handmade soaps. A friend made it for me for Christmas, and I just loved it. I hope I can buy some from you!

  1. Floral cup/saucer of black tea with that honey gadget hovering over it and dripping honey into the cup. Clear glass honey pot and honey with that gadget in it. Loaf of raisin btead on nice wooden bread board. Etc. 😋

    1. That image in my head is so fun….and delicious sounding! I will think on it. What would the page be called? My project is #100daysofdozens, so each day is a theme of 12 of something 🙂

  2. Maybe some balls of wool? Or knitting needles? (I´m currently knitting socks, so that´s why I´m suggesting them 😉 ). Or a dozen apples, other fruit or veggies. A dozen pencils, brushes, notebooks… books, hats, bags…oh, bags is good – I´ve got so many 😀

    1. All such good ideas! I am going to need them if I am going to get through 100 days! On day 13 and am doing good so far.

      Socks? How fun! I crochet, but have never been brave enough to do anything beside simple hats. Do you have a pattern you use?

      1. If you need more ideas, just ask! 🙂
        I´ve just published a post about my knitting-mania 😉
        Crocheting is so cool too! Though I need to refresh my memory a bit 😉 When I was a kid I crocheted pot-holders for my mom. I´m actually planning to get into it after my sock passion has dried up 😉 Want to do a little cardigan and I like the patterns you can create with crocheting. Have a very lovely and creative week, Melissa! 🙂 xxx

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