Day 003 – Wooden Chairs

Day three going strong!

This morning as I was sitting having breakfast and coffee with my partner, I wondered out loud what I should sketch today.  A dozen is a very broad theme for the #the100DayProject, and my mind so far is being pesky with nailing down a dozen theme each morning. Darn monkey mind!

He suggested coffee cups.  Brilliant! I love coffee mugs!

I quickly ran around the house, gathering all of our coffee mugs.  They are a hodge podge of gifted, thrifted, and even one that I made in my pottery class a few winters ago.  Reaching up to the kitchen cupboard, I easily found most of my favorites.  Where was my  “Free Your Mind From Worries” bird mug we got at Winona’s Café in Steamboat Springs? That one must be included in my dozen project for today.

Free Your Mind From Worries MugBlue Bird Mug

Then, I lost the feeling.

We all know it, that feeling that hits you like lightening, flinging you to act like a mad person.  This was me running around gathering all my mugs….one in the dishwasher, most on the kitchen shelf, and even one hidden back in my small creative space I have set up. So much creative energy and I was on fire!

And that creative energy can leave just as quick.

The appeal and energy surrounding the coffee mug idea drained out of me like the water draining out of the sand with the outbound tide. Inspiration gone. But where did it go, and why was I simply “not feeling it?” anymore?

Creativity is energy.  It ebbs and flows .

It inspires you, but it is our work to take that inspiration and run with it, even if it changes course like my mug idea.  So far, this project is helping me to realize that I need to jump in with both feet more often.  Put pen to page, and let the creative energy flow.

100 sketches is daunting, but I am never disappointed by what emerges after I finally sit my behind down to sketch.  That is the hard part, and the quicker I can catch the idea and put it down on paper, the more momentum seems to build. Amazing!

If you have made it this far in my ramblings,  congratulations! So, back to the theme of today’s sketch.  After collecting the mugs, I remembered that yesterday I have the idea to focus on a theme every few days. This would help to not “re-invent” a brand new ( and not whimsically linked! ) theme everyday.  My brain switched and remembered my first chosen theme.

Wooden objects!

So, with that thought, I told Adam with a smile, “Sorry, I changed my theme.”

So, once more I felt the spark, and started my search around the house for dozen chairs. And that, my friends, is how the story of this sketch emerged.

Happy Thursday, may it be a truly inspired one.


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2 thoughts on “Day 003 – Wooden Chairs

  1. Wow! Chairs are tricky and you´ve done great, Melissa! Especially with the perspective of the one in the right corner below. And you´re so right about inspiration being tricky and whimsy. I´ve dozens of notebooks and loose papers jotted with trillions of ideas but then the energy just poofs! into nothing… But I hope to get to do some of them some day… 🙂 Great post, Melissa! Have a lovely and creative day! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Thank you so much! It was fun, and it really reminded me that sometimes doing to to scale will not fit all the objects on the page.

    Also, four of the chairs are from a cabin my family has in Oregon and my grandfather painted them bright yellow, orange, red, and mint green when the cabin was built in the 1970’s. They are my most treasured objects, even though they are chairs.

    Oh how I love your thoughtful comments, Sarah.

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