One cookbook, two girls, and a windowless apartment

My First Cookbook. Ink and Watercolor Sketch. 2017.In


In a tiny, windowless apartment in a Colorado mountain town, my roommate Monique and I taught ourselves how to cook. We would each pick a few new recipes to try out every week.

It was a magical time, forged a lifelong friendship, and gave me the confidence to not only cook, but co-create in the kitchen.  My cookbook library has since expanded, but this one is still my go-to after all these years.

Seems to me this can be expanded to the greater world community.  Keep the old faithfuls around, but constantly be expanding your library and worldview.

Happy Monday, folks!  Make it a great one.



3 thoughts on “One cookbook, two girls, and a windowless apartment

    1. Fabulous! What is your favorite type of cookbook? I have a bunch of them, and I actually do use recipes. Not confident to wing it usually….it can end up disastrous!

      1. Oh, I love them all: cookbooks from different countries, dessert cookbooks, soups and stews, fancy haute-cuisine… I think leafing through them is a little bit like traveling 🙂 You discover new things and tastes. Most recipes are only used as a source for inspiration, I don´t follow them closely all the time. What´s your favorite kind? Have a lovely Sunday! 🙂 xxx

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