Welcome 2017: Suds, Soap and Snow

To get it out of the way, happy 2017!  Belated, I realize, but this year has already felt very different from those in the past.

When the calendar turns over, I can usually be found excitedly making lists, reflecting on the past year, and looking ahead to the new year in anticipation.  This year has been different, and interestingly enough, I am focusing on areas of my life that I want to enrich, not just during these first new, fresh days of January, but throughout my life. These “intentions” rather than “resolutions” are increasing related as I get older.

To get to the point, here are my three areas I am placing intentions on in 2017:


No, I am not going to drink way 2017, but I will engage in more collaborations to get me out and about exploring my world.  An introvert by nature, this is not always the most comfortable thing, but it always seems to lights my creative fire to get with other like-minded creatives.

Suds n’ Sketch is one such project, where a fellow ESL teacher/ artist and I are meeting at local breweries and sketching once every other week.  The Inland Northwest in Washington State is a home to so many great breweries, and so it is a great way to connect to the local economy while sharpening our sketching skills. There have been talks of a hand-illustrated brewery map as well. Eeeekk!


This one is hopefully obvious to those of you who have followed my randomness through this past year.  Nubian goats + lots of extra milk = business opportunity!  We have been somewhat successful in our soapmaking endeavor so far using our extra goat milk, and I am thrilled to be able to use both my urge to handcraft items with hand-drawn marketing materials.  Curious?  Check out our Flying Ears Ranch Etsy page here or our Facebook page here.


Snow is just one manifestation of Mother Earth and the beautiful natural world that surrounds us everyday.  This winter has already been one for the record books so far (I am writing this while on a “snow day”, when school is canceled because there is a TON of snow), but I am finding it to be a charming and nostalgic way to connect with friends and neighbors as well.

People out shoveling snow from their driveways, planning ski trips, going to cut down Christmas trees….all of these events get you outside and more connected to your environment AND your local community who are out doing the same thing.

Tricky of you Mother Nature, but of so brilliant to connect us to our neighbors to strengthen our fabric of community through the seasonal weather patterns.  Here in the Northwest, we have four seasons, so bring it on!

So there you have it.  Three areas I will focus on. SUDS. SOAP. SNOW.`

So much gratitude for those who are following along, and in 2017, I will send a hand-sketched post card to each new follower.  Simply message me your address and WA-LA! I would love to connect through snail mail and hear your intentions.

Cheers to a peaceful, compassionate, and connected 2017 no matter what it brings!



5 thoughts on “Welcome 2017: Suds, Soap and Snow

  1. I’d love to receive one of your hand sketched postcards if not too late; A great idea to get acquainted with other sketchers and bloggers. My address is just over the Cascades from where you live: (Whidbey Island) P.O. Box 734, Clinton, Wa. 98236

  2. No, you are not too late at all! I would love to get you a postcard. My grandparents lived in Coopville, so I know Clinton a bit as well. What a lovely part of the world. Watch your mailbox 🙂

    This blog has been such an inspiration to keep me sketching and connecting to the sketching community, so I am so very glad to have connected with you here.

    Happy Spring from a still-soggy-Spokane.

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