Week 30: Carrie Fisher – Unapologetic, Badass Girl Figure


In a galaxy far, far away…

Always refreshingly candid about the realities of being the lone lead badass girl in the Star Wars cast, as well as personal struggles, American actress Carrie Fisher was  a woman of strength. Anyone else remember coiling their hair in side buns to perfect the Princess Leia look?

Many artistic pioneers lost this year, and she  was one  of the greats.


One thought on “Week 30: Carrie Fisher – Unapologetic, Badass Girl Figure

  1. Yes, I remember doing that as well with my hair but somehow it never looked as good. I was so shocked by the news of her passing, I always liked her so much. Your drawing is excellent, I just wished the circumstances were others… It’s been a strange year the past one, so many losses…
    Anyway, I wish you a very happy and successful New Year dear Melissa! May it be a kind one for you and bring you everything you wish for! xxxxxxxx

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