Week 29: John Waite, Indie Bookstore Extraordinaire

DSC_0090 (3).JPG

Who: John Waite

What: Owner of Auntie’s Bookstore and Merlyn’s Comics

Where: Main Street, Spokane, Washington

Why: John embodies what it means to be a community member.  A natural connector who truly loves building up his local neighborhood, but also powerfully reaches out to find common ground where ever you might find him.  And that is a lot of places.  This guy is out and about making it happen.

As a welcoming face inside legendary Auntie’s Bookstore or Merlyns (what, you have only heard of Powell’s Books here in the lovely Northwestern US?!), on the ultimate Frisbee field every Sunday, and at community events that matter city wide.

In one word, I can tell you his secret, and it will change the world if we all follow his example:


I know, I know, it sounds too easy, but these days, I believe it with my whole heart.  A bit of a funk has been hovering over my world these past few weeks, but people like John remind me that it DOES matter.  What I am doing. Now. Everyday. Every action and interaction.

How we build up our local communities is ultimately how we will go out and build up the greater world.  So, my question is now:

How will you change the world today?

May your day be inspired today and every day.



4 thoughts on “Week 29: John Waite, Indie Bookstore Extraordinaire

    1. Wow! So very glad to hear you have been to Aunties. John is at the helm these days there. The store was struggling a bit for a few years….cutting out book sections and then one whole floor entirely. Now there has been a surge in support and a focus on events to connect local authors to the public.

      Have you read Sherman Alexie or Jess Walters?

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