Week 25: Shelli Cummings

My Big Sis! Micron Ink and Watercolor. Paris Metro font. (2016).


Who:  Michelle Cummings

What: My first hero, best friend, older sister, and the sweet soul who has the most glorious naturally curly hair (which I wanted SO BAD growing up….she wanted straight hair like mine, and I wanted hers.  Go figure!)

Where: Good Ol’ Pacific Northwest in Washington State

Why:  Words can not say how much I admire, feel supported by, and am in overall awe of this human.  She has the biggest heart, is the best parent I know, and a crazy sense of style that I will never have.  The stories and shared memories we have together are endless and priceless as well.

We are going to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion this week for her 40th birthday and I am thrilled. The Paris Hotel is where we are staying, so I played with Paris Metro font, which is actually found in a few metro entrances in Mexico City as well.

Many well wishes for an inspired and creative week ahead, and I so appreciate you following along with me on my path, however random it seems at times.



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