Week 24: Seth Godin

“…but the bravest thing to do is have the free range kids who are exploring the edges of the universe, but doing it in a way they are proud of….” –Seth Godin

Seth Godin. Micron ink, watercolor and colored pencil. 2016.



Who:  Seth Godin

What: American author, idea man, entrepreneur, and big thinker

Where: Born in Mount Vernon, New York

Why:  This guy gets me excited about the future, and the potential for human creativity and potential to be fully realized in the coming years.

If you know nothing about this guy, first check out his interview with Krista Tippett on NPR’s On Being here. Next, pick up his book Purple Cow, which explores how being different in today’s business world can be your best strategy.  Although I am not anywhere NEAR being a big time business gal, we are trying to get our soap business up and running, and his thoughts can be used in almost any area.




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