Soapmaking and sketching

As many of you know, I became the proud goat mom of four sweet Nubians a few months back. What a magical whirlwind adventure it has been! Many early mornings of baby goat care, milkings twice daily and now, after the baby goats have been weaned off of the moms, a HUGE surplus of milk!


We are making goat milk soap!

Of course, this new project threw me into the mind set of how we can personalize (ie. can I link this somehow with sketching?!?) our bars. My partner Adam and I worked out the design together and I sketched it out.

Do the ears look like they are flying?

Lemongrass-green tea goat milk soap, handmade and cut by hand in the lovely Pacific Northwest!

This is a really exciting new landscape we are navigating with the goats, and although it has been a lot of hard work and early risings, I have immense admiration for a handmade life.

Also, so much gratitude to people who read my posts, in all their silliness, irregularity, and sometimes random content.  Sharing here has really  inspired me to continue to explore creativity as a very vital human endeavor.  Truly, I hope this sentiment of creative energy exchange has been mutual.

With that, I offer a huge thank you to those who follow this blog.  I think you guys are all awesome.

More details on the goat milk products to follow!

Happy Friday, folks.  Make it a great (and hopefully inspired!) one.

9 thoughts on “Soapmaking and sketching

    1. Thanks! I am pretty excited. We are setting up an online store as we speak, so you just maybe able to get one soon:)

      Have a fabulous weekend, Pari!

  1. What a fabulous idea!!! I onced bought goat milk soap and it was fantastic! 🙂 Ooh – and how I wish I could make my own soap, too!! I looked it up once, and granted, it doesn´t seem to be that hard, but as I don´t have place where I could handle the stuff without having to fear to somehow contaminating anything that´s supposed to get eaten, I refrained from doing so. A garage or open-door kitchen might be the right place. Where do you make it? And the design looks so lovely!! Those ears a flying happily away and the goat looks so dreamy – wonderfully done, Melissa! Have a great weekend! 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks! Glad you like it. It is fun to work with the labels.

      Have you ever seen or used goat milk soap? Many people here is Spokane are surprised and interested, but have never used it before. Makes me curious about other areas.

      Have a great Monday, Patch!

      1. Actually I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it on your blog ! Monday will be over in a few hours and moving on to Tuesday 🙂 Thank you for the wish though 🙂

    1. Mamahomesteading It is so amazing, indeed! It was kind of a strange start….a few months before we got goats, randomly people just started giving me handmade soaps. I have never been one to use bar soap, but now I am hooked!

      Thanks for the kind words about the labels, and if you have the chance, I highly recommend goats. They are so much fun! Keep me posted 🙂

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