Quote Challenge #2: The Energy of Art

“I believe in the energy of art, and through the use of that energy, the artist’s ability to transform his or her life and, by example, the lives of others.”                                                                                                              ~Audrey Flack

***This post was originally published July 29th, 2014. It is being re-posted as part of my quotes challenge, which was given to me by the lovely Sarah over at Secret Art Expedition.

Want to take up something that calms your mind, connects you with your surroundings and leaves you with something tangible to show for it?  Try sketchbook journaling!

DSC_0635Sketchbook journaling has been a fun addition to my life during the last few years and I must say it becomes addictive.  With almost no materials required to get started (a pencil and notebook paper work!) and a growing community of sketchers worldwide, it seems like the perfect creative habit to pick up.

My goal is to make it a daily practice, and so here is a peeks into what I have been working on. If you too are a sketcher as well, do share!  I would love to see what you have created. Inspiration comes from what we surround ourselves with, and I am so grateful to have inspiration abound reflected back at me.

Listed ingredients from a breakfast grown and raised straight from the fabulous Urban Eden Farm which surrounds me!
Listed ingredients from a breakfast grown and raised straight from the fabulous Urban Eden Farm which surrounds me!

Happy Tuesday people.  Make it a great one.

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  1. What a beautiful quote, Melissa!!! 🙂 I couldn´t agree more with it! I really love your sketchbook journaling! You´ve got such a lovely and unique style! Will see if I can make this a habit for myself, too 😉 Have a great day!

    1. missyjean says:

      So glad you liked it! It was fun to go back and look at some of my past posts to find quotes. Making sketching a daily habit (almost!) is one of the best things I have done, and I never regret it once I get rolling.

      You have a lovely day as well, and thanks for connecting me t o a quotes challenge. It was fun!

      1. You´ve got the most awesome quotes at hand, Melissa!! 🙂 And it is always such a pleasure to see some more of your beautiful sketches!!! Wish you a beautiful weekend, my friend! xoxo

      2. missyjean says:


        Did I remember correctly you mentioning at some point you have them collected in a file or something? I should do that at some point, but mostly I just jot them down in my journal.

      3. You´re welcome 🙂
        Yes, you remember correctly! 🙂 There are just so many of them that I feel more comfortable hording them in one place 😉 But there are many loose sheets as well lying around my desk 😉

      4. missyjean says:

        I drink yogi tea, and I have been known to tape some of them to the edges next to the keyboard of my laptop. Quotes are the best!

    1. missyjean says:

      Thanks so much, Chez Shea! It seems to have just come together over time somehow.


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