Turnips, Carrots, Potatoes, oh my!

Root Veggie Recipe (3)

The summer harvest season is upon us, and many of us are looking at our CSA boxes (Community-Supported-Agriculture produce  boxes) and wondering what to do with all of the wonderful veggies found there.

Well, look no further, as I have a recipe for you!  I tried this one out at the Kitchen (part of 2nd Harvest Food Bank), a community kitchen  where I volunteer to teach cooking classes.  This recipe is so simple and gives you ideas on how to prepare those nutrient rich and vitamin packed veggies that can be intimidating.



10 thoughts on “Turnips, Carrots, Potatoes, oh my!

    1. So glad you appreciate them!

      The trick is that I go over the watercolor paint after it dries with colored pencil…love watercolor, but sometimes want the colors to pop more than they do with simply watercolor.

    1. That makes me so very happy!

      Putting pen to paper (or paint brush, or whatever it is you fancy creatively) always produces a unique perspective. I try to make it a daily practice and share it here as much as I am able.

      Cheers to creating inspired communities, and thanks for reading!

    1. Much appreciated, Sarah!

      Ohhhh, I love quotes! I crashed my roommate’s computer in college because I kept sending e-cards (this was admittedly a while back) from her desktop. We still laugh about it, but in those darn cheesy e-cards is where I uncovered many of the quotes that resonate so much with me, even today.

      What does the Quotes Challenge entail?


      1. You´re very welcome, Melissa! 🙂
        Got to love quotes, right? 😉 You can find the details for the challenge in one of my latest post “Quote Challenge – Adventure Quotes” – I´m sure you´ll have lots of fun – and don´t crush your computer 😉 Cheers!

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