Sunday Breakfasts on the Porch

Sunday breakfast of red beans, fried egg with goat cheese, mung bean sprouts, carrot-cabbage-turpnip slaw, and coffee in my favorite mug.

Sundays are one of my favorites days, and tend to be the day I connect with my creative side.  A well-prepared, lazy breakfast with coffee on the porch was a little luxury I indulged in this morning, and a great opportunity to sketch.  I am really trying to keep up a daily sketch, and I finally found the secret.

Put. Pen. To. Page.

Yep, that is all it takes.  A 15 minute sketch session does more for filling my creative well and state of mind then all of the busy stuff combined.  So, when it crossed my mind to sketch, usually in the form of “You should sketch.”, I just sit down and do it.  If I can cross this small hurdle in my head, I am ALWAYS happy with the result.

My intention with this blog has always been to share and inspire, and I hope in some small way I have inspired someone out there to dance with their creative self more often.  If I have done that, I consider this blog a success.

Happy Sunday, folks!  Make it a good one.

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  1. pari617 says:

    Oh I know! When you want to find inspiration, all need to do is just *do* it.
    It is so much similar to writing!

    1. missyjean says:

      Yes, I totally agree! It translates to all creative pursuits. Do you have any tricks to get your pen to the paper?

      1. pari617 says:

        Same as you.
        Just put your pen to your paper and let words flow.

      2. missyjean says:

        You are helping me to fuel my creative habits. Cheers to putting pen to paper! 😀

      3. pari617 says:

        So glad!
        I just love your weekly Inspirational sketches.

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