Morning pages

I have a confession to make.  Sketchbooking was not my first passion.  Longhand  written word jounaling was.

Ever since my dear friend Trevor Washko gifted me a hand cut and stitched leather journal, I have been hooked on the written word and awestruck at the insight that emerges when I put pen to paper.

Leather journal
My trusty handmade journal with scratches to show for many adventures. My father’s refillable pen that he wore in his shirt pocket each day of his life.


It  is about the size of an average paperback book, and has traveled the world with me….from the quaint cafes of Oaxaca, Mexico, to the beaches of Senegal , to the high alpine landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and quite a few places in between.  it was all recorded in the pages of my beloved refillable journal. Over ten  years have gone by with me slowing allowing my adventures to unfold onto it blank pages.

IMG_1873 (2)
Visual study guide  to learn the wildflowers of the Castle Creek Valley in Colorado. June, 2012.

Trevor has since gone on to turn his side hobby into a full time gig with Cold Mountain Craft leatherworks, based out of the Aspen, Colorado. He does amazing work, but the whole project started as Trevor wanting a durable journal that he could take out into the wilderness (he is a fabulous naturalist, writer, and guide who has incredible knowledge of the region) to record his everyday encounters.  How fabulous!

I am so blessed to have such a gifted craftsman as a dear friend, but an even more excited to incorporate journaling once again into my daily creative practice.  Starting today, I will be doing morning daily pages, inspired by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, where she prescribes a daily three page free-write to clear the head and pave the way for creativity to flow.

Funny how life sometimes leads us in circles, only to bring us back once again to where we started. From written journal, to illustrated journal, I now seek a balance between both.

**This post was a long time coming, and partially inspired by the talented  fellow blogger andelieya, who has been engaging in some fun conversations about daily practices.







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