Ears flying off the page!

IMG_1856 (2)
Ears are flying off the page!  Micron ink, watercolor. 2016.

When we first got our first goats Sally and Gidget, we were so amused by their big, floppy ears that are a hallmark of their Nubian goat breed.

Sally goat was named  “Sally Rose Fields” after The Flying Nun TV series featuring Sally Fields. Can you see the resemblance?p505674_b_v8_ab

I have had the idea to illustrate the goats with 3-D ears, with the neck ties of different varieties added to hint to the character of some of our goats.

Any guesses as to which goat is which? (Spoiler Alert!  Answer is below)

  • Bowtie  – Maple, sweet and girlie
  • Bolo neck tie – Merle, western flair
  • Ascot – Sally, a little uptight and crabby
  • Necktie – Gordy, cool-guy style but keeping it reigned in 
12938281_10153378915647121_352318423951283652_n (1)
Miss Maple









Merle the Outlaw
Sally Rose Fields
The boys….Gordy is on the right.

Happy Tuesday, folks.


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