Country outlaw sketch #1: Merle


Here is the long anticipated sketch of Maple’s twin, Merle. They were our second set of twins born on April 6th, the same day which country legend Merle Haggard died on, which was also his birthday.Merle

Maple was an easy name to come up with.  I spent some time in graduate school in Vermont, nestled in the maple tree groves, which were tapped each spring for the pure maple syrup.  If there is a heaven, I swear it has aroma of a Vermont sugar shack in springtime.  Pure heaven!  And how cute would it be to have a baby Maple as a goat?!

The “boys” had been a little more difficult to pick a name for, since we had already decided we were not in the position to keep the boys. Naming an animal seemed to attach you more to them, and it would be hard enough to let them go.  That changed when the last two twins came on April 6th.  I loved Merle Haggard, and he was one of my sweet dad’s favorites as well.

What names would go with Merle?  Willie and Waylon, of course!  Now, we call them “the boys” or the country legend trio.

Happy Monday, folks!







3 thoughts on “Country outlaw sketch #1: Merle

    1. You are spot on! A most wanted poster is what I had in mind. The plan is to sketch the other two goats line-up style! Thinking of what the border could be instead of barbed wire to mix it up. Thoughts?

      Happy day to you as well, Sarah.

      1. Mmmhh, what is their favourite treat? Maybe you could use this for your border-drawing and how they just nibble away at it? 😉 Looking forward to see the next sketch! 😀

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