Week 14: Janet Angelier


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”   Albert Einstein

IMG_0122 (3)
Janet Angelier. Micron ink, watercolor, and pencil. 2016.
A sketch in my Moleskine planner who inspires me, once a week, every week in 2016.


Who:  Janet Angelier

What: My third grade teacher and inspiration for me to sketch my world.

Where:  Lake Spokane Elementary, Nine Mile Falls, WA

Why:      Teachers have a huge power to influence those students they interact with daily.  She has inspired so many, and has kept in touch to see the people who we have become as adults.

She taught me how to write in cursive, introduced me to Monet’s lovely gardens through art history lessons, and let me work with clay on a potter’s wheel during our 3rd grade field trip to her house.  Brave woman!

On top of the creative inspiration I acquired from her, she also brought me out of my shell a bit.  I was a shy, scrawny girl with glasses, who often struggled to connect with my classmates.  I remember getting sweaty palms and butterflies waiting nervously to be call on during class while we were reading aloud.  Janet taught me that art is another way to express yourself…..to share what you have inside with the world.  And for this, I am forever grateful.  I never dreamed her inspiring way with her students would have so much influence over my passions as an adult.

Cheers to people who inspire!  Do you have a person inspired you as a child?





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