Coffee, huevos rancheros, and goat milk…



Morning routine on the farm

My morning routine from my sketchbook!

I have been taking an online sketching course through Sketchbook Skool called
Polishing and it is FABULOUS! It is full of great inspiration, and the weekly sketch assignments have kept me on track while growing in my drawing adventure. The first week’s homework was to draw your day in comic format.

Using the comic format was a bit new to me , and admittedly, I was a little intimidated! Sometimes I struggle to keep my drawing simple and not over-do the details.  Comics are all about picking out the key visual pieces to effective tell your story visually.

An interesting thing I am learning about the creative process is that if you sense an edge, or uncomfortable challenge in front of you, lean into it. You will more  often times than not surprise yourself!

This philosophy is parallel to the idea of leaning into difficulties in the Buddhist tradition, in order to overcome them.  Pema Chodron is able to illustrate this beautifully in When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times.  Great read, and amazing how connections can be made between Buddhist thought and the creative process.

So, I offer you my vision of my daily routine.

Enjoy, and happy Tuesday folks!

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  1. Great post! And awesome comic! I love it! 🙂

    1. missyjean says:

      Thanks so much, Miss Gentileschi! Comics really are fun and something I have not worked with too much.

      1. Please, call me Sarah 🙂
        I´m also not very familiar with comic styles but I try my best with my “Count Harecula” stories 😉 And your style I really like 🙂
        I mostly read comics in foreign languages to practice them. Have a great day! xoxo

      2. missyjean says:

        Thanks so much! I speak Spanish, but haven’t delved into the world of comics in a foreign language as of yet. Fun path to explore! Please do pass along any good ones you know of. What languages are you reading in? Happy Thursday!

      3. I mostly read the comics in those languages in which I´m not yet above that crucial level where I can delve into a novel, that´s french and spanish for me (although my spanish is a bit better than my french). I can very much recommend “The adventures of Tintin” in french – they are very lovely and easy to understand. I´m sure one can get them in any language one likes as it is so successful 🙂 And there´s another one (also french) called “The Extra-ordinary adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec” which I want to borrow from a local library next week because I´ve just seen the film version of it by Luc Besson. Maybe you could write a comic series about your lovely goats with Miss Maple in the lead? 😉 I would certainly love to read them 😀 Have great day! Sarah 🙂

  2. Sabiscuit says:

    Ooh! I love goat milk. Pretty sketches. Adorable.

    1. missyjean says:

      It is pretty delicious, and I am having it in morning coffee. Kind of fun to have to work for it!

      1. Sabiscuit says:

        That’s fantastic. Working for it makes it tastier. Have a lovely day.

  3. If I had to do comic format, everything in me would also resist. You did a good job, though. Very good advice, too!

    1. missyjean says:

      Comics are definitely a playful approach that really felt uncomfortable at first for me. Thanks for you nice words, and I fully appreciate the amazing expression of creativity that is displayed in the WordPress community across many mediums. 🙂

      Your photographs and perspective are really lovely as well. Have a fabulous day!

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