Miss Maple Sketch

The fabulous, wondrous Miss Maple!

This little sweetheart was the final of our four Nubian kids born earlier this month.

She must be preparing for the goat Olympics, because this one has some crazy moves!  Jumping sideways, backing up (I call it her moonwalking move!), and jumpin’-off-stump-combos. Go Miss Maple!  Watch for videos to come.

We love her dearly, along with the country outlaws boys Willie, Waylon, and Merle.  If you happen to be in the PNW anytime soon, come for a snuggle!

Happy Thursday, and thanks for following along.  May your day be filled with lots of shine!

6 thoughts on “Miss Maple Sketch

    1. Andelieya, they are Nubians! They will get to be about 150 pounds, but right now the babies are mini and oh so sweet. If you find a way to keep them small forever, let me know. We may be on to something. 😀

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