Hangin’ with Willie and the boys… and Miss Maple.

Many lessons can be taken from these goats.  It is a new day….start slow and then jump right in!

Waylon, Willie, Merle, and Miss Maple at 7am this morning.

This is what the fence line-up looked like this morning.  When we walkout to the goats in the morning, there is such a remarkable  sense of calm.  The sweet goats slowly blink and gaze up at you, nuzzle gently, and seem to be easing into the new day at just the right pace.

Don’t let the little monsters in the pictures fool you, though.  At just under a month old, these silly creatures will be up and bouncing around like they have pogo sticks for legs.  It seems that with the sun brings a vibrant energy to the herd, and it is a joy to witness each

Happy Wednesday, folks, and thank you for following along!








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